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We undertake site analysis, conceptual design and zoning research, as well as provide construction and operating cost estimates allowing our clients to make an informed assessment of the workability of a project.


Through site analysis, we are able to help identify opportunities and constraints that present a clear picture of the cost of construction, factors include topography, soil and rock characteristics, utilities, zoning, and regulatory requirements.


By working closely with our clients we are able to help clearly articulate and define their project’s goals. From those goals, we develop the program of that building or space, focusing on all essential activities and any special requirements or considerations.  


Architecture is the marriage of art and science. Science in that it fulfills a human need for functionality within an environment. Art because an environment ideally will please and uplift its occupants. We guide our clients through the decisions that lead us to their ideal architectural solution. We are flexible and responsive throughout the process, balancing beauty and art with all project needs: program, context, technology, cost, and schedule


In addition to architecture, we offer complete interior design services. From custom finishes and furnishings to innovative solutions for the home, commercial spaces and everything in between, we bring a wealth of experience, understanding and commitment to comprehensive design.


We oversee the construction phase to ensure drawings and specifications are followed; review the results of construction tests and inspection; manage the contractors’ request for payment and carry out requests for design changes.


Architecture and design are then built, requiring a comprehensive understanding of current construction processes and techniques. This strength will ensure that good design is consistently developed by means of a rational, experienced approach to building components. And in this way, each O|V project is a unique solution responsive to the client's specific needs - a solution in which architecture, design and building come together to elevate the user. 

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